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Make Your Home an Autumn Oasis

Nothing says fall like cozy knit sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and bohemian inspired interiors. To help get you in the mood, we’ve gathered a few ways to update your home so you can thoroughly enjoy everyone’s favorite season, inside your home.

Rattan is the essential boho material with its organic, natural texture and soft tones. These pendants are easy to affix as a lamp shade to any bare bulb pendants, making them an easy update to your home. You can add them over a kitchen island, next to your bed, or over a sofa. They come in various sizes and shapes to choose from; CB2 and Pottery Barn both have good options. Pendants can be layered in a bunch to make a statement piece or just one large shade will make a nice impact on any space.

In case you haven’t noticed, all things cacti are having a moment. You can get all the joy out of cacti without the pain! Step One: Choose your medium. Watercolors or black and white photography are a safe bet. Step Two: Frame. Step Three: Hang! Super easy and no Bandaids needed. This Summer Cactus print from Minted is a great choice.

Hang loose and carefree, the bohemian way, in a hanging rattan chair. These gorgeous chairs don’t take up any space visually as they hang effortlessly from the ceiling. Add them in cozy corners or in your outdoor space to add instant boho vibes. Dress them up in winter with a sheepskin rug or in summer with some banana leaf pillows!

This Dallas Home Is Cool And Contemporary

It’s amazing how an interior can be transformed. How with the right design team, a space can go from tired and dated to absolutely breathtaking. That’s the result of the work done by Pulp Design Studios to update an old Spanish-style interior into a modern family home fit for five. Walls were moved, the main staircase relocated, and features were added to take this home firmly into the 21st century. All was done with a steadfast attention to detail that allows this contemporary space tofeel warm, cozy and inviting. 

Just beyond the entry, you’re inside the home’s living room. Modern furnishings sporting sleek metallic finishes catch the eye when walking into this spacious living area. But it’s the mix of woods that create warmth in this room. From the reclaimed flooring, to the paneling around the fireplace, and accessories, like the stacked wood side table, the addition of natural elements make this living room feel grounded.

Details matter, and Pulp Design Studios has not overlooked one in this contemporary home. In the entryway, a classic console table is the ultimate statement piece. The bentwood design features brass feet for an unexpected touch of bling. The mix of wood and metallics is a centerpiece of this home’s design.
Dinner for six? This dining table has all the room you need. A raw woodgrain table is the centerpiece of this dining room. For a modern mix, sleek white chairs have been brought in for contrast. Above, woven lighting completes the design. And, as big fans of color, we can’t forget about the art in this dining area. The large-scale painting is the perfect finishing touch.

Decorate a Halloween Mantel

When the time comes to decorate for any holiday or season, the fireplace mantel is one of the first places to get decked out. Typically the focal point in the room, the mantel is a great place to highlight holiday decor, and it’s also an easy spot to transition from season to season by tweaking the accessories displayed on top. As summer transitions to fall and pumpkins are aplenty at farm stands and grocery stores, it’s fun to start thinking about how to decorate for Halloween.

To be sure, pumpkins are ubiquitous this time of year, and certainly, there are many ways to use them on a Halloween mantel. But while pumpkins are a classic choice that never go out of style, there are a number of other ways to decorate a Halloween mantel that you may not have considered. 

These unique Halloween mantels range from spooky to sweet, and are sure to inspire you to think beyond pumpkins.

Halloween Mantel with Family Photos

Take, for instance, this Halloween mantel that relies on family photos of a different sort. If you typically use your mantel to display family photos, there’s no need to depart from this entirely for Halloween. Simply swap out the everyday photos with an assortment of shots featuring kids in costumes. This lends a slightly spooky appearance to the mantel, and when layered with orange elements, the black and white prints really pop.

As a variation on this idea, search for and print vintage photos of Halloween costumes for a truly eerie look.

It may not be the first thing you think of when you imagine a Halloween color scheme, but metallics will give your mantel a glamorous glow. This one leans on a few traditional motifs like crows, spiders and pumpkins, but the mix becomes unexpected with the addition of a gilded leaf garland and a vase full of fan-like fronds for extra theater. A few pumpkins sporting gold paint tie the metallic theme all the way down to the floor. (Gold spray paint has the power to elevate ordinary objects to something special; consider painting everyday things like these to pull off a mantel like this one.) 

Finally, thanks to the addition of a couple of pantalone Carnival masks, the whole mantel has a very Phantom of the Opera air of mystery.

Halloween Decor Ideas

It’s easy to get carried away with Halloween decor and spread the cheer everywhere! The problem with that is, then it starts to look too much like a haunted house…and not in a good way. Pick a spot or two, or three even, but then stick to those areas. This coffee table spot is simply adorned by a few stacked pumpkins, a gold skull (must have regardless of the season) and a small cloche with an unnamed body part. When nestled into the natural surroundings of the home, these items are festive but in a subtle, cheeky way. Simple yet effective. 

Pro tip: Sticking to a one or two color palettes is the easiest way to make anything look chic; The same can be said about Halloween decor. In this lovely table scape by Persia Lou, everything from the pumpkins to the skulls has been dyed a charcoal gray. This makes everything seamless and will make the modernist in you shriek with delight! This look is super simple, all you need is a visit to any craft or hardware store to pick up a can of spray paint.

Why keep your pumpkin to the mundane life of getting carved and stuffed with a candle? Think outside of the box and turn that pumpkin back into Cinderella! Brighten it up with colorful succulents and put it on your doorstep, or as use a gorgeous centerpiece on your dining table. Green is the new orange anyway.

If you’re throwing a Halloween soiree but spiderwebs are not your thing, keep it moody and festive with pops of halloween colors in normal decor items. Things like black candlesticks, muted orange, black and wheat throw pillows will do the trick. Break out the black dinner ware, or if you don’t have any, use this as your excuse to get some! Remember, Halloween should reflect your personal style.

NYC In Southampton Ideas

Idyllic. That’s the perfect word to describe this beautiful 7,000 square foot home, staged by ASH NYC in Southampton. Idyllic, picturesque, and absolutely perfect. Six bedrooms, five-and-half baths, a private master with balcony, a free standing pool house and gym. This new-build home, filled with an exclusive inventory of vintage and contemporary pieces from ASH NYC, is the ideal interior, and the ultimate upstate New York dream home.

The living room is a study in texture. A clean black and white color palette may set the stage, but it’s the variety of tactile items that makes the design of this room stand out. Under foot, a cool jute rug is perfect for a family home upstate. Woven vintage side chairs offer plenty of relaxation. And a mix of metals – on the coffee table, lighting and curtain rods – brings an industrial feel to this contemporary New York home.

In the dining room, it’s all about the architecture. Floor to ceiling windows show off the dramatic scale of this 7,000 square foot home. They are also the perfect bridge between the interior and exterior, letting in tons of light and views of the lush trees that abound on the property. For the dining room furnishings, the large farmhouse table easily seats ten. The scene is completed with a set of white wishbone chairs.

The kitchen continues the home’s color palette of black and white. For a unique way to create contrast, the walls have been painted a bright white, while black subway tile has been brought in as an unexpected backdrop. The effect is beautiful, allowing the white walls and painted window frames to shine in this large family kitchen.

Sofa Style Says About You

The way we decorate says a lot about our personalities. When people walk into our homes they often get a pretty good sense of who we are. And perhaps no single item says more about us than the sofa. Not only is it a decorative item, but the sofa style speaks quite a bit to how we use our spaces.

Different sofa styles suit different decorating styles, and oftentimes the style of sofa chosen is related to a room’s overall decor style. Yet still, the sofa style we choose says quite a bit about who we are. Whether it’s a traditional roll arm sofa, an antique settee, or a large chesterfield, a lot can be gleaned from the sofa you choose for your home.

So the question is, what does your sofa style say about you?

If you have an English roll arm sofa in your home chances are pretty good that you’re a fan of classic style, but you don’t like things to be too formal. This style (also often referred to as a Bridgewater style) has a casual but sophisticated vibe that encourages you to lean back and get comfortable – but you probably wear slacks as opposed to jeans while doing it. This version from Restoration Hardware is a perfect example of this classic style – low arms, comfortable cushions, a feminine silhouette, and traditional turned legs.

You like your sofa the same way you like a finely tailored suit. It’s classic, sophisticated, and just a little bit dashing. While you may occasionally sit back with a glass of wine or a cocktail, there’s certainly no eating meals while sitting on this sofa. Since tuxedo sofas, like the Aidan sofa from Crate and Barrel have high arms and backs they’re not suited to lounging (and definitely not napping). They’re made for sophisticated get togethers and scintillating conversation only. If your style leans towards contemporary this could be the sofa for you.

The Perfect Barstool for Your Home

After your living room sofa, the most used seat in your home is probably…the barstool.

While barstools are small, they make a big impact on your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Making sure you have the right barstools to fit the design of your kitchen is no easy feat. Attention to style, function and design are key to selecting the perfect barstools for your home. See what we have in store:

With it’s sleek architectural curves, high back and walnut tones, the Bremerton 26″ Bar Stool is a slam dunk for mid-century lovers. Take a notes from Studio Mcgeeand fit as many as you can around your kitchen counter. To add some pizazz, pair your barstools with these beautiful, abstract dinner plates from West Elm, for a bar area your guests will never want to leave!

Just like it’s name, the Blu Dot Real Good Stool can add real good style to your kitchen. The straight folds in this origami-inspired seat give it a geometric look that is excellent for a sleek and modern design aesthetic. Since this all-metal stool can get chilly in the winter, add a layer of coziness by pairing it with these soft Icelandic sheep cushions!

A sturdy steel frame and warm wood back make the Coatbridge Bar Stool a strong complement to exposed brick or reclaimed wood. Exposed hardware gives this chair a rustic feel with a chic finish. Want to make it pop? My favorite tip is to add a runner underneath your barstools which adds dimension and also protects your floors. The burnt orange from this vintage Safavieh Monaco rug is a great complement to the stool.